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2012 March



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Sélysette, Bosi Artes – 24.05 – 24.06 2012

On 19, Mar 2012 | In News | By admin


solo show

Bosi Artes

Rome, Italy

May 24 to June 24 2012



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Sélysette, Artist film premiere – May 23 2012

On 18, Mar 2012 | In News | By admin


artist film premiere

Casa Del Cinema

Rome, Italy

May 23, 2012



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Requiem, performance, Location One, New York, May 16, 2012 @ 7pm

On 17, Mar 2012 | In News | By admin

Performance by Marta Jovanovic at Location One

Wednesday, May 16, at 7PM

FREE and open to the public


Location One is proud to invite you to Requiem, a performance by Marta Jovanovic on

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 7pm.


In Requiem, Marta Jovanovic claims the place for women in the male “pantheon.” In

this funeral-like performance, Jovanovic will create a fake wake, symbolically

positioning herself inside the Pazzi Chapel, in the Franciscan Church of Santa Croce, in

Florence, where the tombs of great artists, writers, architects, and major thinkers from

the humanist era, such as Michelangelo Buonarotti, Dante Alighieri, Nicolò Machiavelli,

Filippo Brunelleschi, among others, are buried. The Church of Santa Croce is known

also as the Temple of the Italian Glories.

With witty verve and a sense of humor, this performance proposes the equality of the

sexes, which has been proscribed by the Church since the Renaissance era–the

glorious time of Italy as the site for the birth of humanism, artists’ individuality, and

private patronage. Jovanovic’s original performance was envisioned to be in situ at the

Chapel Pazzi, but the project was rejected by the Church at its original location, which

attests to the fact that even today the topic is still a taboo.

The photographs used in the wall projections for Requiem are by the Italian artist

Marinella Paolini and the original project was conceived by the artist in conjunction with

the curator Simone Verde.


Born in Belgrade, in 1978, Jovanovic lives and works between London, New York, and

Rome. She received a Bachelor of Arts from Tulane University in 2001 after attending

the Scuola Lorenzo de Medici, in Florence. Provocative works by Jovanovic have been

exhibited in Europe and in the United States in collaboration with other eminent artists

and curators and in institutions such as the Museo Pietro Canonica and Museo della

Civiltà Romana in Rome. Her performance SHOOT ME! was executed at the Benefit for

Marina Abramovic Studio at Location One in New York (2010), while her almost two

meters tall transparent resin sculpture LjubavSrecaIstina (LoveFortuneTruth) was

permanently installed in the garden of the Museum of Yugoslav History (2011). In 2012,

Jovanovic received the Roma Capitale from the City of Rome, an award for high artistic

achievement in representing Serbian culture in Italy. Jovanovic is represented by BOSI

Artes Gallery, in Rome, and Bosi Contemporary, in New York.


P.S. The audience will be greeted by members of the church. Appropriate funeral attire

is recommended.


For press inquiries, please contact Heather Wagner at

Location One is extremely grateful to The NY State Council on the Arts, The New York

City Department of Cultural Affairs, and The Location One International Committee for

making this event possible.



Based in the Soho arts district of New York, Location One is an independent, non-profit

organization dedicated to fostering new forms of creative expression and cultural

exchange through exhibitions, residencies, performances, public lectures and

workshops. Traditionally focused on technological experimentation and new media,

Location One’s residencies and programs have favored social and political discourse

and dialogue, and acted as a catalyst for collaborations. With a unique environment

providing individualized training, support, and guidance to each artist, as well as

exposure for their creations and collaborations, Location One continues to nurture the

spirit of experimentation that it considers the cornerstone of its mission.


Read & download the “Requiem” press release here.



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Lights and Shadows 26.03 – 14.04 2012

On 16, Mar 2012 | In News | By admin


group show

Bosi Artes

Rome, Italy

March 26 to April 14 2012



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Fabula in Arte Rome, 24.04 – 9.05 2012

On 15, Mar 2012 | In News | By admin


group show

Piazza San Salvatore in Lauro

Rome, Italy

April 24 to May 9


Christie’s private sale and benefit dinner, May 9, 2012