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On 17, Feb 2012 | In | By admin

25 May

Born in the Social Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRJ) and raised in three countries on three continents, marta Jovanovic produced a body of work dealing with patriotism after a visit to the Museum of Yugoslav History, where she discovered her personal connection to the land and culture of her birth.

Works that form this body of work are the performance 25. Maj, LjubavSrecaIstina, almost two-meter tall transparent resin sculpture, and Pionirka, series of photographs and a video.

When my grandmother died, my grandfather remained behind, crushed by the loss. He tried in all the possible ways to keep a memory of my grandmother alive daily. He would re-arrange the photographs in the house, plant new flowers at her grave, have the marble polished often, and of course, bring her one red rose a day. One day, he called me to tell me that he added a piece of marble to an existing gravestone of the tomb with the writing:

LoveFortuneTruth – three words that for him summed up their sixty years of love, marriage and life together. 

My way of grieving is through my work, so when I lost him, and with him the last real link to my grandmother, I turned their tomb into a work of art. LjubavSre?aIstina is the most important thing I’ve learned from my grandparents.

Marta Jovanovic