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On 17, Feb 2012 | In | By admin

Maria Magdalena

Marta Jovanovic observes, tests and studies the emotions of people — appropriate to the activity of a young and curious artist, but moreover as a woman; what is compelling about the feminine goes beyond the aesthetics of the female body to the intimacy of deeper thoughts, the hidden reflections and secrets that live in every woman.

A biblical character full of mystery and the subject of ancient and contemporary discussions that have inspired literature, art and music, Mary Magdalene found herself at the center of Marta Jovanovic’s artistic research. In her pursuits as an artist, Jovanovic always puts femininity at the forefront. This too is the case in her performance video entitled MariaMagdalena, in which she is not only the creator, but also the only protagonist.

This is all the more important considering that Jovanovic rarely puts herself “in the spotlight” of her performances, instead reserving the stage for the public, as happened throughout 2010 with Shoot Me! The project involved distinguished strangers from Rome to Belgrade, Naples to New York City, all the way to Washington DC.

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