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On 01, Jun 2014 | In | By admin

No Justification Necessary

I first worked with Marta Jovanovic when I featured her in CREEM Magazine Issue #11 and we included some pieces from her survey show at New York’s BOSI Contemporary and introduced our audience to her interdisciplinary practice of questioning identity and sexuality. When asked to do something political specifically for the “Uncensored” theme, she used the opportunity to live out a performance dream that’s been evolving for the past two years (and was previously shut down by a curator who was a bit more weary than me).

Inspired by the French film “The Girl On The Bridge,” Marta wanted to do a knife throwing/wheel of death performance that served as a metaphor for female artists (especially controversial ones such as herself) and the questioning, blame and criticism that is cast upon them by (more often than not) men in the art world. We enlisted none other than record breaking knife thrower “The Great Throwdini” to represent the male counterpart (read: dealer, curator, gallerist, collector, investor, etc.) to her Vaudevillian depiction of a female artist…at times being spun out of control, at others taking charge, blinding the men (whether with actual talent, charm, or something else entirely), holding all the cards, and even asserting influence of her own.

-Katerina Simonova

photography :
michael donovan

eavvon o’neal //

katerina simonova //

paul warren @ art department //

heather heiman //

miku tsutaya @ vanity projects //

stylist assistant:
kylie levitan

marta jovanovic //
the great throwdini //