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On 20, Dec 2014 | In | By admin


Dec 20, 2014 “  (Secret)” Art Residence Aley, Beirut, Lebanon

Muta, goddess in Roman mythology, was bound to silence after revealing a secret of Jupiter’s love affairs to his wife Juno. Meanwhile, in recent history Edward Snowden is being persecuted for revealing government secrets. Throughout history we were trained to obey the laws of Omertà and keep secrets. If we reveal secrets, we are severely punished. Governments persecute, incarcerate and execute those who reveal their secrets. We keep secrets from others and automatically start keep secrets from ourselves, we tend to forget what hurts or disturbs us. Secrets are automatic, they are created so easily in our subconscious that we often feel guilty of them even if we don’t have anything to hide. We get accused of keeping secrets even when we don’t. The fear of secrets is so intense that we accuse one another of keeping them and desperately hold on to our own.

Performance  (Secret) at Artist Residence Aley in Beirut, tempted to challenge the habit of keeping secrets and make us reflect on the actual impact of it on our daily lives, on politics of our governments, on the ideal of democracy as well as the freedom of speech. It was a sort of exorcism to the participants and the audience. Each participant was asked to share one personal secret with the artist and chose to do so in preferred language, regardless if the artist could understand it. The key words that define each secret was written on a piece of paper that the artist sew into her dress. In the final act, the artist took off her dress and burned it, offering the final release.