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Uniform Project

By admin

On 14, Jan 2016 | In | By admin

Uniform Project

“BELGRADE—On the eve of a new year, many resolutions are made and the year ahead is a blank canvas of hopes, ideas and plans. Some people plan to go on diets while others make the goal to travel more or look for a new job. Serbian-born performance artist Marta Jovanovic has one of the more intriguing 2016 New Year’s resolutions that I have come across—starting on January 1, the Rome and New York-based artist will be wearing a uniform for two consecutive years on daily basis during “working hours” and on all work related occasions for the next two years. “Two years is a symbolic period for an artistic creative process, the time frame that international art biennials are also based on,” she wrote me in a recent email. “Joining me, some hundred other artists, curators, art dealers and collectors, museum directors, auction house specialists, and other art world devotees have agreed to wear ‘The Uniform’ for their own specified duration.” She added that if she is able to raise the funds for that part, it could become an amazing international project, “something like an art world team.” The whole process will be documented through social media (the instagram account is @uniform_martajovanovic) and when the project is finished, Marta plans to have those images and videos be part of an exhibition and book.”

Ginanne Brownell Mitic (read full article here!)