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In her performance, BelgradeMermaid, Marta Jovanovic attacks the figure of the mermaid, the archetype of the “femme fatale” calling into question the canons of beauty, the modes of seduction, and the ideals of marriage and maternity that she represents.” Danielle Kvaran and Gunnar B. Kvaran

BelgradeMermaid was performed at the opening of the 57th October Salon (Belgrade ) exhibition The Marvellous Cacophony

Video Mina Sarenac
Costume Olja Markovic
Sound Vladimir Zivkovic

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Until Death

Until Death is a performance of an exorcist character in which the artist reflects on the past decade of her life marked by the marriage that was also a work collaboration. The union, after the promise of an ideal partnership, turned toxic and brought her down to her knees personally, creatively, socially and financially before it ended as if it never existed.

Jovanovic performed a series of ceremonial steps. She brought a tailor mannequin charged with numerous flammable elements and soaked in gasoline to an abandoned parking lot. She then started dressing the mannequin with a precious lace corset and matching knickers made by the Italian luxury lingerie house La Perla, given to her by then her husband to be for the occasion. Over the lingerie, she put on her original wedding dress, custom made by the prominent Serbian designer Tamara Radivojevic in 2007.  On the dress, Jovanovic attached original wedding bands with inscribed names and the date of the couple’s first kiss (not an actual wedding date as they considered the former one more important) with safety pins close to one another onto the front of the dress, in the area where the heart would be if the dress was on the human body and then, in one last cathartic step, she put the entire installation on fire.

With this performance, the final one in the series of  confessional works in the past year, together with performances Motherhood, Love and The Beauty of Tight Binding, Jovanovic closed the beautiful and the damned chapter of her life and is ready to move, live and love on.

Until Death was performed at the Experimental Action, International Performance Art Festival in Houston, Texas in February 2017.

Video by Hilary Scullane.


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Performance FAITH
Rothko Chapel, Houston, Tx
February 22 – 24, 2017
Photo by Miao Jiaxin

FAITH: complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

The chapel “offers a place where a common orientation could be found… — an orientation towards the highest aspirations of Man and the most intimate calls of the conscience.” Mrs. Dominque de Menil, visionary patron of the arts explained about the Chapel she commissioned to the artist Marc Rothko in 1964.

“In the times of the great challenges global as well as personal, in the times of innocence lost and faith in institutions, politicians and personal relationship fading with the speed of light, for the first time in my life I decided to pray.” Born in a communist country, of Jewish, Muslim, Serbian Orthodox and Catholic origins, an atheist by choice and admirer of Zen Buddhism, Jovanovic prayed for three consecutive days to all religions known to her at the Rothko Chapel in Houston. She prayed for love, peace and light. To quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Faith was performed during the Experimental Action, International Performance Art Festival in Houston, Texas in February 2017.

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The Beauty of Tight Binding

The Beauty of Tight Binding
Durational performance piece by Marta Jovanovic
As seen in Robert Adanto’s Born Just Now

Extravagant Criminal
Belgrade, November 2016


Using the method of erotic practice known as Shibari (in Japanese “to tie”), Jovanovic creates a durational performance piece investigating the space between performance art, guilt, sexuality, judgement, morality, aesthetics, crime and punishment and the possibility of ecstasy those elements bring together. Shibari originates in the Hojo-jutsu martial arts technique of binding captives and a form of torture practiced in Japan between 1400 and 1700. In the late 19th and early 20th century, the technique morphed into erotic bondage discipline Kinbaku, translated as “the beauty of tight binding” from which the performance derives its name. In collaboration with the popular local rigger, Jovanovic was restrained and hung in the gallery on display in attempt to experience of being “rope drunk”, the euphoric condition of the model after a Shibari experience, creating a trance-like experience for the bottom/model and an adrenaline rush for the top/rigger.
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Elementary school Josif Pancic in the village of Gradac in south Serbia was founded one hundred and twenty years ago. It was a prominent local school and children would travel from a far in order to attend it.
Gradually the number of students decreased due to migration mostly and this year twelve students only remain to attend the school across eight grades.

Through performance “Twelve” Jovanovic tempts to physically capture the low number of students which will eventually bring to closing of the school unless something radically changes sooner rather then later. By drawing the outline of the shape of her feet on the ground, the artist points to the empty space on the playground in front of the school that should be teeming with pupils in action.

Photo by Marija Konjikusic