Longer hairstyles are in right now. They are edgy, cool, and sexy. If you have never tried a longer style before, this is the time to give it a go! Long hair can be styled in so many ways – braids, buns, waves, etc., however, long-length styles need more care than shorter ones because of their increased weight. You should also consider that washing your hair every day is not suitable for wearing long-length styles as the natural oils will not have time to seep through the ends to nourish them properly. Luckily there are plenty of products on the market which cater towards helping us with our daily styling needs for these types of hairstyles, such as shampoo and conditioners which moisturize hair.

Very edgy hairstyles to copy

You’ve probably seen a lot of celebrity hairstyles that look great and give off an air of confidence. If you’re looking to transform your hair from medium length to long but don’t want to commit to the upkeep or cost of getting extensions, there are many ways to accomplish the same effect at home. You can use styling products such as gel or mouse and heated tools like straighteners or curling irons for different effects. Using these tricks will help you get longer-looking locks without going through all the trouble of growing out your hair naturally.

types of hairstyles

Do you want to stand out? Do you want your hair to be long but still edgy? Then, check out this hottest long-length hairstyle.

  • One of the most popular styles is a choppy bob that falls just below one’s chin. Celebrities have worn this style like Rihanna and Beyoncé, so it is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go.
  • Another trend is wearing one’s hair in waves with lots of volume at the bottom. It can be styled with or without bangs, depending on what look you are going for. The best part about this style is that it works well on all types of hair; curly, straight, wavy, etc.

Edgy hairstyles for your inner rockstar

Long hairstyles are often associated with less formal events, but that is not necessarily the case. Long hairstyles can be styled in many different ways to look professional and polished for any occasion.

The way you wear your hair can make or break an outfit. It is more than just a hairstyle; it’s an accessory that completes the look. That’s why it’s important to choose one that works with your personality and suits the occasion. Long-length haircuts are some of the most versatile styles out there, making them perfect for nearly any event.

Edgy long-length hairstyles are a great way to look professional and age-appropriate. In addition, longer hair is generally more versatile than shorter styles because you have more styling options. If you’re looking for an edgy cut but don’t want to lose your professional credentials, the following haircuts are perfect for you.