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On 24, Jan 2017 | In | By admin

The Beauty of Tight Binding

The Beauty of Tight Binding
Durational performance piece by Marta Jovanovic
As seen in Robert Adanto’s Born Just Now

Extravagant Criminal
Belgrade, November 2016


Using the method of erotic practice known as Shibari (in Japanese “to tie”), Jovanovic creates a durational performance piece investigating the space between performance art, guilt, sexuality, judgement, morality, aesthetics, crime and punishment and the possibility of ecstasy those elements bring together. Shibari originates in the Hojo-jutsu martial arts technique of binding captives and a form of torture practiced in Japan between 1400 and 1700. In the late 19th and early 20th century, the technique morphed into erotic bondage discipline Kinbaku, translated as “the beauty of tight binding” from which the performance derives its name. In collaboration with the popular local rigger, Jovanovic was restrained and hung in the gallery on display in attempt to experience of being “rope drunk”, the euphoric condition of the model after a Shibari experience, creating a trance-like experience for the bottom/model and an adrenaline rush for the top/rigger.

Extravagant Bodies is an international art festival examining the socially determined borders between the normal and the pathological, be they concerned with corporeality, appearance, behavior, sexuality or lifestyle. The fourth iteration of the project titled Extravagant bodies: Crime and Punishment, takes as its topic the social, legislative, scientific and ideological constructions of criminality and social norms that delineate criminal from non-criminal behavior. Through exhibition in Zagreb, series of live performances in Belgrade and conference in Skopje the project investigates all of these topics both on regional and international level. Participants travelled the region in order to take part in all of the program events, encouraging deeper understanding of local context within countries of the region. Partner from UK participated in developing the project content and took part in all project activities including selecting UK artists for exhibition in Zagreb, performances in Belgrade and participants and contributors for the conference in Skopje. Partners: Kiosk, Serbia, Kontejner, Croatia, Kontrapunkt, Macedonia, Live art development agency (LADA), UK.