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On 26, Feb 2017 | In | By admin

Until Death

Until Death is a performance of an exorcist character in which the artist reflects on the past decade of her life marked by the marriage that was also a work collaboration. The union, after the promise of an ideal partnership, turned toxic and brought her down to her knees personally, creatively, socially and financially before it ended as if it never existed.

Jovanovic performed a series of ceremonial steps. She brought a tailor mannequin charged with numerous flammable elements and soaked in gasoline to an abandoned parking lot. She then started dressing the mannequin with a precious lace corset and matching knickers made by the Italian luxury lingerie house La Perla, given to her by then her husband to be for the occasion. Over the lingerie, she put on her original wedding dress, custom made by the prominent Serbian designer Tamara Radivojevic in 2007.  On the dress, Jovanovic attached original wedding bands with inscribed names and the date of the couple’s first kiss (not an actual wedding date as they considered the former one more important) with safety pins close to one another onto the front of the dress, in the area where the heart would be if the dress was on the human body and then, in one last cathartic step, she put the entire installation on fire.

With this performance, the final one in the series of  confessional works in the past year, together with performances Motherhood, Love and The Beauty of Tight Binding, Jovanovic closed the beautiful and the damned chapter of her life and is ready to move, live and love on.

Until Death was performed at the Experimental Action, International Performance Art Festival in Houston, Texas in February 2017.

Video by Hilary Scullane.